How To Wash, Dry, Think and Flush


Living a cosmopolitan life often entails some compromise, especially when it comes to doing your laundry. Many high rise apartment complexes prohibit washer/dryers due to water pressure requirements, while some apartments are so small there is no room for additional large appliances. Although watching the loads go round and round then spin dirty water away after the rinse cycle in a launderette can be hypnotic for some.

Perhaps, in some neighborhoods, it can be the public place to expose your personal things in a social gathering to meet your neighbors or a potential interest.  This aspect of the laundry room was romanticized in the 1985 cinema cult classic, My Beautiful Launderette, directed by Stephen Frears, screenplay written by Hanif Kureishi and starring Daniel Day-Lewis in his breakthrough role as Johnny, a down-and-out sensitive right-wing extremist tamed by a former lover played by Gordon Warnecke as the son of a Pakistani journalist who lives in London but hates England and its international politics. Together, they transform a run down row of washer/dryers into a thing of beauty for the neighborhood, a racially segregated, economically depressed district in London.

Now, there is another alternative; a wonderful new concept submitted by Core 77 for the Greener Gadgets Design Competition 2008. It’s called WashUp, the all-in-one Washer/Dryer Toilet. Reported by Sevin Coskun from Turkey, “‘Washup’ is a conceptual design integrating washing machine with toilette-flush. It suggests a sustainable water consumption by storing the wasted water in toilette-flush tank reusing it with easy flushing. Moreover, ‘washup’ brings a sophisticated solution for the problem of location of washing machines in small bathrooms, overlapping them with toilette space. It is a fixed on wall upwards toilette, so that loading of clothes would be easier for the user without bending or crouching. A special interface including three semi-sphere control units & two flushing buttons designed for practical use of the (by)product. ‘Washup’ is a green product offering solutions for the problems of standard washing machines.”

No specification or price are indicated as it is still in the development stage. An intriguing concept that would even catch the attention of your toddler as he/she is being toilet trained.