Ula Of The Forest Green

black_panther.jpgWhile growing up, Azula often asked about Ula of the Forest Green, the great-grandmother she never knew, Mother of Tetachee. Lore says very little about her origin. Where she came from was a mystery even to U-Dan-Ada, the elder.

A Panther at birth, one of three, maturing after learning to hunt with her mother and brethren, she migrated to Central and Southern Africa from the Al-Ula oasis, near Medina, Northwest Arabia. It was an area used as a major trade route between the Mediterranean, Egypt and India dating back to the Third Century BC. A crossroad to exchange Indian spice, ebony, silk gold and animal skins.

Moving first Northwest, then South, to escape the hunt for theirs coats, the panthers settled into vast areas of the continent. Ula and her brethren continued East and settled inland, off the coast. A fertile land with a lake of fresh water that was fed by the waterfalls later known as Ulaluna. Here, the preys were plenty, tropical rain forest of rubber trees scaled the green landscape.

So it was told by the First One, older then U-Dan-Ada, the elder, before even the appearance of the sacred goddess Unda who transformed Ula into human form after she saved Tetachee, The Warrior, from being killed, forsaking her nature.

“For she transmuted her nature, never abandoning it”, said the First One.


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