The Valley Of Tondo

My mind was adrift as I meditated on the flame of the lit candle in the room. It was the third door that led to the Valley of Tondo, an archway into another place of existence, another dimension that had appeared before me when I first encountered the secret of Itnahsiv. I had discovered that the only reason I couldn’t conceive of another reality was because I wasn’t in it.

The symbol lay before me on the floor of the room, the seventh day of the twelfth month since I began my research. The night was long as the snow fell outside. All the sounds of the street had been muffled and quiet. Whatever I opened occurred on my third attempt to discover the proper pattern of uttering the letters of Itnashiv, pronounced in the correct tonality.

This day, the sun rose, reflecting a myriad of colors shining through the ice that adhered to the glass pane, creating a vivid display of refracted colors in the room. Traffic had been light as it was a Saturday morning, that fateful day. I had begun exploring the thirteenth page of The Book Of Vishanti. In hindsight, it is possible that the combination of the colors, coincidentally merging with the symbol of Itnashiv , allowed me to see the change in the room that could only be described, for lack of a better description, as a doorway. It had no doorknob or door to speak of, visually appearing as a contained distortion of the lines and planes in the corner of the room. The intersection of the walls curved and stretched as does the reflection one sees when roaming through a maze of mirrors in an amusement park fun house.

Perplexed but curious, moving my arm through the distortion, I felt a Summer breeze that cupped my hand. What have I opened?, I thought, as I stepped from my room, into the land of Tondo on a bright warm day, a field of vivid colors one might encounter in the country on a glorious sunny day. This was no dream, the scent of fresh flowers was intoxication as I glanced at the horizon and wondered what lay beyond as I took the first steps into The Land Of Tondo.