The Sacred Falls Of Tetachee

Mystery and awe have always surrounded the place known as the Falls Of Ulaluna. Until the panther Ula was transformed into human, it had no name. It was simply known as Mobuta . It sprang from no river but the rock itself that is part of the mountain, called Nundata, that lies to the North of the tribe and feeds Lake Tetachee.

ulaluna2.jpgMany in the time before the coming of Tetachee, The Warrior, thought the water came from the center of the mountain created by Teratumah, god of the land. He was said to have cast the rock with a stone from the same pond where Umbah first encountered the Orchard on the day of his coronation, calling forth the water that is now known as The Falls Of Ulaluna.

Every newborn child of Tetachee was taken to the water near the falls by their father and taught to swim when they reached 1 lunar cycle. It was a blessing when women with child birthed them when in the waters near these falls. A central part of Tetachee culture, the fresh water and pindafa had always sustained the tribe.

On the way to Ulaluna lie the mist and hut of the elder, U-dan-ada, that none of the kings and queens of Tetachee could ever find, as the mist was never in the same place. It only appeared before them when their ascension to leadership was close and the need great. It was here where the Panther Ula and her brethren dwelt.


Ula Of The Forest Green

Umbah Of Tetachee