Resolving Karma

People who subscribe to karma usually define it as good or bad and think of resolution as the culmination of a particular karma. If viewed as a cause and effect relationship or as an energy with corporeal impact, its interpretation will usually be affected first by how one defines “resolution”.

Most causes have multiple effects, some are more noticeable than others. It’s the ones that are camouflaged that remain un-perceived, the basis for patterns and habits that become more instinctual over time. This is why an acute sense of observation of what is occurring rather than what is thought to occur, is so important.

Regardless of its nature, karma, like energy, leaves a residue, perhaps in dreams, a deja-vu experience, an initially imperceptible or strong reaction to people and events, often bewildering, until time and insight reveal more clues.

Developing observation, which requires attention, can be practiced in tangible terms by choosing either a color or a geometric figure to focus on, for a day. Each encounter with red for example, will be recollected not only for its color but also the object that contains it, with form, structure and meaning. Noticing objects that are triangular or square can be used for the same purpose.

Things that were taken for granted as part of the surrounding now become an epicenter for creative, perhaps original thought, a change in thinking, resolution of a problem, or recognition of some divine or sacred symbol that evokes inspiration.

Refining karma germinates with thought impacted by memory, awareness, curiosity, all of which become part of knowledge that can lead to wisdom. The residue that remains is where it brought us, or a signpost pointing to the direction of additional refinement, an ongoing process of resolution.