The Heir Of Tetachee

Princess Azula sat on a large rock at the base of the falls of Ulaluna reflecting upon the water as it fell in a glimmering rainbow. Although gifted with special sight, she wondered if she had the ability to lead her people through the coming trials without clear boundary.

King Umbah, her father, had ruled well for eighteen cycles but it would soon be his time to hear the call of his brethren beyond the mist. Last night there was a sense of urgency in his voice.

Azula, my daughter, my time is near” he said with a solemn glance.
“I am neither worthy nor ready , father, for I fear this burden,” she responded.
“No one expects you not to have fear. Courage is acting in spite of it,” he spoke softly with a faint smile of reassurance as he gazed into her violet blue eyes.
“But how will I know if I’m making the right decision, father?”
“When in doubt, draw from within, the nature that you inherited from me, for it is also a part of you.” as he kissed her forehead, then glanced above the horizon.

ulaluna2.jpgAs if to awaken from a trance, she heard a hum from the falls. She beckoned to its call, finding a path behind the water as it fell from its height. It led to a cave, as dim light flickered from within the cavern. A violet emanation from what appeared to be a solitary orchard with stem growing out of a large rock.

“How can such a beautiful flower exist in total darkness?” she thought.

“Even darkness has inner light contained within that which cannot first be seen,” hummed the orchard “, and added, “No one can be prepared for all unforseen consequences, Azula. Are you ready now to be queen?”

The words resonated in thought as she returned to the tribe and was greeted by her mother Udna’Dubla. “Your father has gone to return to the mist. This he left for you, my daughter.” She handed Azula a smooth stone with concentric circles etched on the face of the rock carved by her father for the coronation that would be held the next day at sunset to ordain Azula, Queen of Tetachee.

The Elder Of Tetachee