The Elder of Tetachee

He was called U-Dan-Ada, the most ancient of all wise ones that came to Tetachee. He was initiated into the lore of Earth, Air, Water and Fire when he was said to have reached the age of Ascension. No one knew his origin, known to be older than the most ancient rubber tree of the forest. Using a stick to walk, his skin was dark brown and wrinkled, wearing no coverings on his feet as his sole was as hard as leather.

theolo2.jpgNo one ever saw his hut as it lay beyond the mist, north of the tribe. He was said to come from the clouds that brought the great rains of Uwa-za, in the time before the coming of Tetachee, The Warrior. He was there when Ula was transformed by the goddess Unda into human form. He was counselor to all the rulers of the tribe crowned by him including the last, Tumatame of Tetachee.

On the way to the falls of Ulaluna, after seeing her father for the
last time, Azula went into the mist seeking the hut of U-Dan-Ada. He had blessed her when she was born and taught her the ways of Earth, Air and Water as she grew over the years. “Azula, you must use your fire to learn the nature of all Fire. One day you will search the cloud that lies beyond your sight”, he told her. Now compelled to enter this unknown place, drawn forward, heart pounding, she moved until the mist surrounded her uncertain steps. Lost, until a panther appeared out of the unseen and transformed into an apparition of herself, Azula, a child not yet nine cycles.

“Why have you appeared as I was?” asked Azula.
“To remind you of who you are and from where you came, daughter of Ula and Tetachee.” she responded.
“I have questions and many doubts”, said Azula.
“I can only speak from where you came, not the direction you may go. Only you can decide where that path will take you” said the child as she transformed back into the Panther before she led Azula on the way out of the mist where she came upon U-Dan-Ada.
“Did you find my hut?”, he asked.
“No”, she responded, then added, “but I did find you.”

U-Dan-Ada smiled, bowed his head then pointed to the falls of Ulaluna.


The Sacred Falls Of Tetachee