The Call Of History

“History is not just the evolution of technology; but of thought, reflecting choices taken and the consequences of action by understanding the reality of those who came before us. Perhaps a vision why we view the world the way we do, as certain values develop from experience defining what our potential for contribution toward further progress can be.”

newlydiscoveredtribe.jpgGenocide of indigenous populations, a foundation of many current democratic countries, was based on advanced technology with economic factors at play, as key to the success or failure of one side over the other. Sophisticated weaponry became the event horizon – a turning of the tide – in any political conflict. No examples are necessary. This isn’t political opinion, as much as historical fact.

Now, a Twenty-First Century world will be forced to look back in order to define its future, the center of its moral compass, and reveal what has been learned from history. Discovery News reported on May 30, 2008, “Dramatic images of an isolated Brazilian tribe believed never to have had contact with the outside world were published by officials to draw attention to what they felt were threats posed to their way of life.”

An odd way to preserve a culture by exposing them to a predatory world with a history of relentless imperialism.

Discovery Channel – Lost Tribe Of Brazil Found