small_su_logoAttempting to access the maze of facts, images and all those bits and links of footnotes woven into what we call the Internet is a daunting task. Exciting when information, discovered, provides the source for an unexpected solution.

The visual element and design of a page is often lost if the title and synopsis are the only factors determining the choice of spending more time exploring its theme. The colors, geometrical configurations often add an additional element that exposes another dimension to what is viewed.

jtxebOne of the best places to encounter unanticipated things is An oasis that has provided a genuine showcase for articles, essays technological reviews, photographs oddities and just plain fun. The difference between this site and reddit, digg or shoutwire, for example, is that it displays the actual page rather than featuring only a title and short synopsis, thus providing an instantaneous visceral element to the words and symbols that give the reader a more complete dimension of what is interpreted. A fairer way of deciding, perhaps influencing like or dislike, can be experienced if it is seen in color, layout, pictures and theme.

A random website in your favorite category allows the viewer to vote on, perhaps provoking a cascade where other stumblers are provided with the same opportunity to add their vote or present their work for public consideration. This is why is a more interesting way to present a website than any other; a more genuine showcase to measure the response to an image, idea or design.

If you haven’t already stumbled upon, than a treat awaits you.