Mom’s First Visit

momsvisit2.jpgMom’s first visit approached. I had moved from home for the first time to attend University in a railroad apartment with creaky floors, uneven archways, odd molding and cracks in the walls. A tenement close to the center of town near a bridge that was highly traveled with cars, buses and trucks. It took time to get used to the pollution and noise of city life.

The buzzer rang precisely at 1 pm. The anticipation was enough to cause a small tremor as the vibrations of the city resonated a hum from the flower-less glass vase on the shelve as the trucks rushed by. She entered, huffing and puffing up the third floor walk up, looked around and discretely ran two fingers across the wood table under the mirror. “Hmmm,” she quietly sounded, as her eyes gazed around the apartment momsvisit.jpgthen said: “Aren’t You allergic to dust?”

“No” I responded, “just to lemon Pledge.”

As she removed her coat, I hung it up in the tiny cluttered closet, closing the door quickly so she would not see the mess, then held my breath as she went into the “miniature” bathroom to wash her hands, “Hmmm, where is the COMET?” as she gazed into the tub and noticed the ring.

momsvisit4.jpg“According to my recently purchased Skyscout portable Planetarium. it hasn’t landed yet.” I replied, then silently looked up at the ceiling.
“I wonder where you got your sense of humor”, she smiled, as the tapping of her shoes on the creaky floor boards became more audible.

“I was at Bloomingdale’s so I picked this housewarming gift”, presenting a box in one of the stores famous medium brown bag, followed by an elaborate story how she had been to the Housewares Department on the sixth floor and kept looking at an odd looking orange toaster. “I kept coming back to it but couldn’t decide.” Finally, the salesperson, a little old lady with a Queens accent asked, “Whats the matter, You don’t eat toast?”

empty_fridge_2.jpg“Would you like some thing to drink?”, I hesitantly asked as she opened the refrigerator door that revealed empty shelves with a single bottle of effervescent water.

“Your refrigerator is like a Coconut” , she said

“How so?”, I asked

“It has only water inside,” she smiled, as we both began laughing.

Skyscout Portable Planetarium

That Odd Orange Toaster