Subconscious of ITNAHSIV

I had taken the #6 train downtown to fourteenth street, south on Broadway. An overcast day preceded by a sleepless night of turmoil and doubt as I sat in my living room meditating with a single candle within a multi-petal lotus, as Auroshikha incense filled the room. I never expected to find The Answer, just an answer that would reverberate as the resonance of AUM filled the air. I thrice repeated “Itnashiv, Itnashiv, Itnashiv” as I sensed the rotation of the seven major Chakras, sped faster, each at different speeds, yet all connected like the inner wheels of a clock dependent on each other.

My consciousness had blurred similar to that state just before awakening from sleep, half conscious, while part of me remained submerged in the pre-conscious. Symbolic images in a stream of consciousness of an old yellowing paper in mind’s eye, written in French, a language I never studied.

“La connaissance est donnée seulement à ceux qui découvrent la signification du symbole sans être dit, et recite son nom dans l’ordre et la tonalité alphabétiques appropriés”

How is this possible? My thought continually returned that I was not dreaming. I was consciously meditating, listening to the hum of the Cosmos as it spun its melodic tone of imagery and form behind my closed lids, walking along the path, the line separating the Yin and Yang, the demarcation between spirit and matter, good and evil, light and darkness. And yet, I was nervous while paradoxically experiencing harmonious solemnity. Then I finally realized, my doubt was a figment of my conscious mind. The aspect of self akin to common sense, logic, rationality and scientific fact. It was not allowing me to let go and flow with the current of which I had opened when I repeated “Itnashiv, Itnashiv, Itnashiv.”

I let go, surrendering, while all extraneous thoughts disappeared, melting into a collage of formless structure. The stale scent of the aged pages of humanities’ existence filled the air as I went through the doorway of Strands Bookstore. A landmark of history, of mankind’s recorded hopes, figments of corporeal perception, encapsulated and concentrated within the rich vibrations etched on the walls of this time-worn store, a curiosity shop for encountered experiences, forgotten hopes and lost dreams. I sensed something was there for me to find. I went directly to the Miscellaneous Section. For I had heard the call of the great AUM and was drawn to what I would discover was The Book Of Vishanti, and The Symbol of Itnahsiv.


The Search To Uncover The Secret Of Itnahsiv

Revealing The Power Of Itnahsiv

The Symbol Of Itnahsiv