Umbah Of Tetachee

One day in Tetachee, a noble tribe deep in the tropical forest of Africa, Umbah son of Queen Upra and King Ubah, eldest and heir to the kingdom was born. It was custom to have the elders come and bless his spirit with wisdom in the coming years to lead his people.

The tribe had a long tradition of customs and rituals based in myth. Tetachee The Warrior came from Northern Africa and took Ula as his mate. She first encountered him when hunting one day, surrounded by her brethren. Taking one look into his eyes, she fell in love with him and protected him from being killed. As punishment,Unda , the sacred goddess transformed Ula into human form, for she had forsaken her nature. Endowed with beautiful black skin that shone in the moonlight, deep hazel eyes and long black hair. All who were born of her line had the same hair and eyes, to remind them of where they came. They had many children who traveled far throughout Africa, deeply influencing the culture, history and rituals of other tribes.

Una, first born daughter of Ula and Tetachee, ruled most of Africa for many years. She became Queen after the death of her father. Ula summoned her daughter to her hut. “Una, my time is near. I hear the call of Unda, the sacred goddess. I am to return to my nature and become one with my brethren again.” Una remained silent as she knew this would be the last time she would see her mother, and wept as Ula spoke of her destiny to lead the people. “When in doubt, always draw from within, the nature that you inherited from me, for it is also part of you.”

As Una sat transfixed, gazing at her mother through her tears, Ula transformed into the panther she once was, gave a long look back, her hazel eyes gazing at her daughter then disappeared into the mist.

Una never forgot her mother’s words and carried them in her heart throughout her long life. Sometimes in the moonlight when the mist was near, she thought she saw glowing hazel eyes and a form of a panther. She felt her mother was always watching her, especially when it was her time to leave. Umbah, her son would become King and lead his people well, for he was blessed with the same last words from his mother before she disappeared into the mist. “When in doubt, always draw from within, the nature that you inherited from me, for it is also part of you.”

Umbah Of The Tetachee

Token Of Tetachee