Token Of Tetachee

After his coronation as King, Umbah, son of Una, reflected on the ceremony of his ascension to the throne. As his people celebrated, the deafening sound of the native dance went silent, movements of merriment slowed as the King heard a call from within the early morning mist. Beckoning to this melodic sound that only he could hear, past the line of people who had not noticed him leaving, he moved into the dense forest of rubber trees along a path north of the great falls of Ulaluna – named for his grandmother, the Panther, who was transformed by the sacred goddess Unda into human form after she forsook her nature to save Tetachee The Warrior from being killed.

912900-purple-orchid-0.jpgThe path became tortuous, far from the tribe, as he finally came across an enormous pond filled with large floating water lilies that cradled a small island at the pond’s center. Umbah sensed that the call he had been following, originated from there. Hypnotized by the soft hum issuing him forth, Umbah stepped onto the leaves as they held his weight and came to the earth surrounded by the deep blue-green color of the water. On the island grew a luminescent orchard with leaves that continuously moved, vibrating an echo of his name that haunted the surrounding air and wood.

“Why have you called me here?”, asked Umbah in a soft questioning voice.
“To remind you of your role as gardener to all flowers of the forest” said the Orchard.
“I am but King of my people, The Tetachee, not of plants. I know nothing of the cares or needs of flowers”, said Umbah.
“All of your grandmother’s line were born of them as was she, the daughter of the Forest green. You are guardian of those within the garden of the jungle that includes The Tetachee, flowers of that same land”, resonated the leaves of the Orchard.

“But how shall I hear their call?” Umbah asked. “Remember the words of your mother, Queen Una, before she disappeared into the mist”, responded the Orchard. “‘When in doubt, always draw from within, the nature you inherited from me, for it is also part of you.’ For you would not be here, the same spot Una stood on her coronation as Queen, if you had not recognized the call. Take a handful of earth at my root. It contains a seed, when planted, will grow and flower always reminding you and your people of the nature from which all came.”

Once he took the earth and carried it in his hand, he stepped onto the leaves that led the path back from where he first approached, he noticed that many flowers were now blooming, awakened by the call of the Orchard.

odonti.jpgWhen Umbah returned to the tribe and planted the seed in the Earth at the heart of the his garden, he returned to his seat at the center of the celebration, unnoticed by his people as the sound of the festivities returned, for his trip into the forest had occurred within a heartbeat and no one had seen him disappear into the mist.

Many of his tribe came to gaze at the Violet Orchard that appeared overnight within the center of the King’s garden as flowers never before seen grew throughout the landscape of the tribe, a blessing of the gods for none knew how they got there except Umbah, King of Tetachee. The flower became the symbol of his house for all generations to come as the legend of The Tetachee grew throughout Africa.


Azula Of Tetachee