Space – The Ultimate Gadget

Space ConePart of decorating your apartment as a minimalistic statement includes treatment of the walls, windows or a door, an added touch to the decor of the space created by this approach; perhaps a studio apartment with a walk-in closet – due to the high cost of rents or condos. No clutter, easy cleaning carpets or dust mites. Just beige walls, one adorned with astro-turf, wood paneled floors varnished smooth, high ceilings and a large window to watch the cityscape, a forest of buildings, neon flashes of light in a blend of dazzling luminous colors all made possible by technology.

Stark, with no curtains giving a “transparent atmosphere”, a stage for those with telescopes. A simply framed black and white photograph, matted to match the color of the wall, a nondescript off off-white. Perhaps vertical blinds would have been effective here, unless this space was part of the exhibition in New York’s Museum Of Modern Art, called “Space – The Ultimate Gadget”.

Conceived as a statement without boundaries, limits captured only by one’s imagination, as it drifts to wonder whether this kind of space can exist without electrical outlets for lighting, or perhaps as a place for a Plasma Globe – the unique device that displays a polar discharge. Symbolic of the perfectly formed sphere, a puzzle, containing the substance that emanates the energy infusing all creation. The mystery of Life.

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