Robocut – The BarberBot

The Barberbot

Looking in the mirror and realizing a shave is needed to present a clean cut image to the world becomes a major necessity when working for institutional hierarchies that require dress codes, especially when it’s a suit and tie. Although lazy and the prospect of shaving is wrought with potential nicks and a number of small pieces of toilet paper littering the face till the blood dries, a discouraging thought. Now there is a way to avoid cutting yourself and saving time exerting your attention on self grooming. Perhaps using that spare time for flights of fancy, focused day dreams, as you leave the shaving to the BarberBot. Obviously designed with the Baby Boom Generation in mind.

The BarberBot, A Life Machine concept created by PostlerFerguson, a design consultancy located in London, England with a philosophy of “Life Machines engaging the question of how an ageing population’s needs can be met through technology. It investigates a possible future society in which humans and robots coexist in domestic spaces, and explores what issues arise in a symbiotic relationship between humans and technology.”

PostlerFerguson examines, “what kind of compromises and adjustments will have to be made through scenarios of everyday routines in the relationship of an ageing individual and a robot. The design of domestic objects that reflect ‘the needs of both machines and humans’ becomes a tool for engaging the human condition and our fascination with using technology to recreate ourselves.” Currently in the testing stage of development with no dimensions, specifications or price. However the prospect of a contraption such as this certainly raises imaginative ideas in dealing with the onslaught of this generation as it approaches retirement age, taxing the Social Security System and the patience of younger generations. Its design also suggests an approach perhaps stimulating the imagination in a variety of ways.

Now you can also live the fantasy of what it would be like to be assimilated into the Borg Collective. Create your own name, 3 of 2 . Notice the arm, inspired by the Robot in Lost In Space. Also reminiscent of a mortally wounded Anakin Skywalker, being transformed into Darth Vador , as he is covered in self-sustaining body armor. Perhaps a dentist’s office, being prepared by a sadistic Lawrence Olivier with a drill in his hand approaching a nervous Dustin Hoffman strapped to the chair in Marathon Man.

So sensitive is PostlerFerguson to the future, that they ascribe the notion that machines have “needs”, also suggesting that some kind nuts and bolts feelings are at play while echoing an Orwellian world where synthetic life can replace human touch.

My Percepto Rating is : -12 < 0 > 2+x

7 – Those with a diagnosis of Assimilation Dementia
9 – Stolen props from “The Empire Strikes Back“, at humans
4 – Another function of an Interociter, created on Metaluna
1 – Looks more like something created by the French
6 – A distant relation of the Pod People from Invasion Of The Body Snatchers