Nostradamus 2.0 – Final Understanding


“Ennosigée feu du centre de terre
Fera trembler au tour de cité neufve:
Deux grands rochiers long temps feront la guerre
Puis Arethusa rougira nouveau fleuve.”

NostradamusThe Final Book Of Nostradamus, presented on the History Channel, gives a compelling account of the story of its recent discovery, lost for centuries in The National Library of Rome, misidentified in it’s Acquisition Registry. A text that includes water color drawings to illustrate future events including the time given for “the end of the world.”

Symbolically presented in sketch, similar to cards, containing overt and hidden meanings open to interpretation. No more or less analogous than numbers or letters, used to represent concepts, words and sentences. Left to a world to consider the significance of its representations focused through the lens of the current geo-political and environmental reality, possibly to exert free will and change prophecy.

Controversy will always surround the writings of Nostradamus, a notorious figure for any century. The hierarchy of the Church would have been threatened by anyone who exhibited powers of divination outside its authority. The prophecies he scripted in his book, once authenticated, also raise a number of issues including the plausibility of prognostication.

Still relegated to the Occultists and Mystics, divination remains more akin to divine revelation, associated with supernatural forces that the laws of Science and Physics cannot explain. Verifying a prediction is impossible when it is made, without the duration of time to verify or dispute its claim. However the timely occurrance of any prognostication will effect belief and faith that something foretold from the past has come true allowing future “speculations” to be more or less palatable.

Inventors have the ability to tap into a stream of consciousness of “idea potential”, bring them back into physical form by some unknown process before anyone else. Perhaps prediction comes from a current within the same stream.

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