Hester-Fester: A New Concept In Promotion

While I was surfing on www.stumbleupon.com, I came across the future of gadget promotion: Fourteen amazing, bizarre and hilarious inventions! Some are more striking, presented with no name, specifications or price. Perhaps the intention is to leave their name to the imagination. Images evoked by an oddity or suggestive function.

Hester-Fester Light BulbThe one I chose to shed some light on is the official Uncle Fester/Aunt Hester Light bulb, designed by Grandpa Munster, so vividly portrayed by Al Lewis, the veteran character actor in the sixties television show, The Munsters. He was also Officer Leo Schnauser in the widely acclaimed Car 54 Where Are You?” (61- 63) and ran for Governor of New York in 1998 as the Green Candidate.

Grandpa Munster was a close friend of Uncle Fester who sent him an invitation to the his wedding with Aunt Hester to be held on October 31st. Hester, his betrothed, was a wine tester, originally from Paris but also fluent in ancient Greek. Her specialty was “chard-in-neigh”. What more valued wedding present then to invent a light bulb for her and beloved Uncle Fester to roam the wine cellars of Paris on their honeymoon?

Aunt Hester was also related to Thinga, the significant other of Thing – so aptly portrayed by Thing T. Thing. There was reported to be intense friction between her and Thing when she came to live at the Adams mansion en route from Delphi. Thing pointed his finger at her and implied in sign language that Hester influenced Thinga to go to Paris and start a new life selling MacDonald’s by hand.

Grandpa MunsterThe made-for-TV movie The Munsters Go To Uncle Fester’s Wedding was never shown due to a Television Executive decision by the broadcasting station. It chronicles Grandpa’s efforts to create a gift in his basement laboratory for his dear friend’s nuptials. This was the fourth prototype. The previous three exploded when Grandpa claimed “they were screwed into the wrong socket,” although Herman, his son-in-law, said it had something to do with his overbearing incandescent polarity. In either case, the fourth attempt was successful.

Grandpa also claimed he was working on the Plasma Light Globe but the concept, he insisted, was stolen by Doctor Victor Frankenstein as an energy source, penned in his classic work “On Life And Death – The Notes of Victor Frankenstein”.

Although Grandpa does tend to exaggerate, he was born before Mary Shelly wrote her book Frankenstein which lends credence to his claim. Never-the-less, his inventiveness in creating a uniquely individual wedding gift for Hester and Fester is duly noted. Grandpa Munster would have made a good Governor of New York.

My Percepto Rating for this gadget is – GRRR! in honor of Lurch and Worf , Security Officer of the Enterprise 1701-D.