Ant Bee

Antocretes, the ancient silver ant, wise among all the creatures on land, air, stream and wood was deep in thought. He kept changing his mind and was heard muttering by all the other animals who wondered what great issue consumed his time. Always focused more on things above the horizon than those considered ordinary for a usual creature’s stream of consciousness.

As he flew high over the water, Wisp the Wasp, noticing the ant in contemplation, descended to the ground in a wisp.
“Wasspsup”, he hummed.
“To Bee or Not To Bee”, said the ant.
“You think too much”, his antennae moved rapidly, and added, “Perhaps I can help, I’m always up for a good buzz and won’t whisper a word to another wasp”.
“What about bee?”, the ant sage asked.
“I don’t like most bee’s” he buzzed, “Except Ant Bee”.
“Well, reigning Queen Antaliza III is hosting festivities for the new generation of Larvae, a coming out gathering” declared Antocretes.
“I thought this was a question about existence” said the wasp.
“Oh no,” responded the ant, “A list of invitations must be compiled and I couldn’t decide whether one should be sent to Ant Bee or not to Ant Bee”.