A Matter Of Perspective

likeclockwork.jpgAs visual perspective relates objects in space, drawings translate three dimensions into two on paper. Language conveys spatial relationships with expressions such as: over there, on top, below, in front, behind and others in infinite often subtle varieties.

Point of view, expressing opinion, offers the primary way to convey immediate and imagined reality since it is not possible to occupy every place, all the time, or know all things. A higher being, from this perspective, is anything that is beyond present comprehension.

Yet religion, philosophy and culture emanate toward redefining the scope of understanding and imply infinite expansion, while science attempts to quantify it.

Ignorance, based on illiteracy, can potentially be transformed into knowledge and wisdom. Preference, defines personal taste, effected by history and habit. While prejudice is knowing better but not caring, clinging to taught, often misguided impressions despite the presence of intellect.