The Search To Uncover The Secret Of ITNAHSIV

I regained consciousness

It had been a difficult journey as I stepped through the doorway to a place thought unreal – distorted images of projected light and darkness, incongruent concepts, vivid surreal colors paradoxically connected. I traveled through a non-descript passage, revealed by using the great symbol of Ottomaga. The incandescent emanations of the path only revealed when the pattern of the letters were properly pronounced in the presence of the drawn symbol.

It began one day when I had been visiting Strands Bookstore on 12th street in New York City, just south of Union Square. A curiosity shop for old, used and rare books, where I discovered an original signed edition of The Mystic Test Book, by Olney H. Richmand. The text, used as a source for The Sacred Symbols Of The Ancients by Edith Randall, a book known to me for years. This led to the discovery of The Book Of Vishanti, mislabeled in the Misc section. By chance, I noticed the name OTTOMAGA, an Anagram of AGAMOTTO, under an odd symbol, while reading the text. The book, without an author, was hand-written and difficult to read, filled with confusing notes and odd image scribbling that proved challenging to decipher.

Noticing the connection with Dr. Strange, well known in the Marvel Pantheon of fantasy as the supreme Magi of the planet earth, keeper of the eye of Agamotto, whose basis, I later discovered when I began my research, bears striking similarity to North and Hindu mythology. Wikipedia references “the three beneficent eternal Vishanti – Oshtur, Hoggoth, Agamotto, who comprise the most powerful entities in the Marvel Universe who bestow Occult knowledge and abilities upon those who invoke their names.” But I thought this was all a fictional creation of co-writer Stan Lee as his attempt to invent allusions to real world spiritual terminology.

I had no idea such a book existed until I found it. The text revealed that “the knowledge is given only to those that uncover the significance of the symbol without being told, and utter its name in proper alphabetic sequence and tonality”. What exactly the mysterious knowledge was remained a puzzle for months as I pondered the various meanings of the symbols yielded by the Book of Vishanti. My interest had been stimulated by this unanticipated discovery. Yet I still did not understand what I had found.

For the days that followed, repetitive dreams were replete with anything but the book and symbols, impressions of my conscious self, flying through the image into previously unperceived locations. Could this be possible, or had I reached the edge of sanity in the obsessive search for truth? If I could only understand how to say the name properly in waking life. Yet memory often plays tricks on the subconscious mind when what is real is weaved into what is not.

Everything I encountered seemed implausible in a world based on fact, observation and the usual scientific laws of Physics I had come to rely upon as the basis for my reality. Yet all the complexities I would come to encounter made logical sense in this upside down place, a hybrid of what is and what could be. But where had I put the book ? In what place did it exist as I scoured my shelves, nervously wondering if it was lost somewhere between the hundreds of obscured or misfiled texts often misplaced by my erroneous spelling, or under the various piles of essays cluttering my forgotten library.

I woke up.