The Kingdom of EYR

Long ago in the eye of a perpetual hurricane was the Kingdom Of Eyr. Its capital, set half way on the Mountain Ere where the Zxul, an ancient ruler, led his subjects for a time perceived as long.

One day, from an eerie mist concealing the peak of the Mountain, Elage The Weyze-advisor to the Zxul, a silver eagle descended into the palace courtyard and landed on a large rock at its center. Bowing his head:

“My Lord, you have ruled Ere soundly, with balance beneficence and given ear to my council these long years.”

“Your discerning eye has frequently been heir to wisdom, especially now my old friend,” responded the Zxul softy and continued “Why do you look so?” he observed of his view from the height?

“Alas, I come ere with bereaved tidings to air,” Elage continued.

“Your time is nearing its harvest”.

“To return once again to the Wind?”, asked the Zxul.

“Aye, my Liege” responded the sage sadly.

“Be happy for me. My eyes are weary of this great burden,” expressed the Zxul as he spread his long silver wings and flew into the dense midst over the courtyard towards a fog concealed peak above a cloud of mountain air.