Revealing The Power Of ITNAHSIV


“The knowledge is given only to those that uncover the significance of the symbol without being told, uttering its name in proper alphabetic sequence and tonality in the presence of its image.”

Whether I had come to these words by some hallucination that lurked while I lay unconscious or an inspiration from a yet to be revealed cosmic insight, I cannot say. It’s only possible to convey the visceral reality sensed within paradox; a simultaneous existence of incoherent lucidity without conscious control. Perhaps describing it is a futile attempt to articulate things that would not make sense to anyone other than me.

The subconscious mind often plays tricks on the awakened consciousness, but what if true awareness and reality lie within the camouflaged events and details of the unconscious state? Who is to say what is real and what is not? Is linear existence the only example of causality or does it also occur in an illogical sequence? What criteria should be used to define order from chaos?

These are some of the questions that I asked as I recorded my memories of the search for the Secret Of ITNAHSIV. A quest that invoked curiosity for solving the puzzle that held knowledge of the unperceived that lay hidden within the enigma of life.

Each piece I encountered captured some aspect of a reality I could not comprehend in my wakened state. I decided to focus on the subconscious, as it held the only path to aspects characterizing ITNAHSIV.

If “the knowledge contained within the meaning cannot be understood if told,” then it would not be possible to reveal IT. Only the introspective search of the individual can possibly uncover the proper alphabetic sequence of the letters that convey the name and specific tonality of the symbol when spoken.

Perhaps others will find their own path to the Power of ITNAHSIV from the description of my quest, uncovering each layer as it unfolds over time.