Avoiding Traffic forever with the PH-PALV

Imagine the fantasy of returning home by circumventing all traffic! No longer just a figment of your imagination or an altered reality. Visualize experiencing a weekend romp through the countryside with your paramour while having a picnic on the grass “off the beaten track.” Some red wine with cheese et “du pain francais.” You use your Thunderbolt Pro – Lightning Storm Detector to predict a fast approaching downpour that will have you both drenched with heavenly rain droplets, running for cover, each wearing a mood ring, a device that turns dark blue with increased body heat.

As the night sky begins to glimmer, you use your Skyscout – Personal Planatarium to share your view of the big dipper, possibly the little one too. Then you think of using your Pocket Plasma Light Disc to freely display your polarity and release a plasma discharge. A meaningful gesture to “l’object d’attention” (your object of affection). The time passes and the inevitability of returning home as the last of the celestial conception dissipates droplets of morning dew upon the ground. A sign of the sun’s wakening rays.

Having prepared for the event, you whip out your still overpriced iPhone and place a call to the “chauffeur” to pick up the car because you will return home with your best PAL – V, the first flying car developed by Solent. “Hidden in its roof and rear are a fold-able rotor, propeller and tail section which allows it to take off and fly away in no time. With just three wheels, this flying car has a top speed of 125 mph and a top air speed of 120 mph. It’s able to reach as high as 4,000 feet in the air.” It’s unclear if a driver’s license is needed.

One problem inherent in its design, it only seats one. So unless you bring two of these flying cars, your paramour will have to return home the old fashion way, on the hard pavement, while you take off. No other specifications come with the product advertisement. The price is unknown at this time. Partial assembly probably requires a Phillips screwdriver.

Whether it actually flies remains to be seen. Perhaps it would go well in the next Bond film, crafted for Sir Sean Connery, most notable of the 007 actors, at the roulette wheel, who turns to Honor Blackman portraying Pussy Galore in the classic film Goldfinger, when asked his name, responds: “Bond, James Bond” as the score of the classic film conspicuously fills the air.

My Percepto score is: 0

7 – Obviously invented in France

6 – Can be controlled by an Interociter developed on Metaluna.

5 – A must for anyone who owns “The Wheelsurf

4 – Perhaps can be substituted for a Broomstick by Harry, Hermione and Ron

3 – Used in place of an Escape Pod for the Enterprise 1701-D

2 – The only way to travel in Neverland

1 – A good substitute for Wonder Woman’s Invisible Plane

0 – The exit vehicle for Former President George W. Bush to escape Wash. DC on Jan 20, 2009.