Antocretes The Wise

In a small hole near a stream lived a very old ant, Antocretes. His wisdom was known far across the land, beyond the river, across the forest and field where his reputation grew. Some say that he was born from the illustrious Queen Antonia, known throughout the ant and animal kingdom as a direct descendant of Lady Bug-Antdromedea I, who came from the sky. Little is known about her, except that she had great power and could assume the form of any living creature with wings, and those that lived upon the ground. She had many children amongst the wild. It is through this connection, it is said, that the power Anotcretes, the wise, was inherited. He had the ability to communicate with all things, even the trees.

His dearest friend was the old willow who he often sought refuge from when a storm filled his ant hole and made it quite impossible to live. It was he who gave the butterfly the courage to flap his wings and awaken the fair Princess who had no name. Calling her Harmony, for her love of all things in the forest, who, because of her presence, would overcome their nature and join in common community. He also wept with the willow at the death of the brave butterfly who sacrificed his life to awaken Princess Harmony.

There were many tales about the princess who had no name. Perhaps she was also a descendant of LadyBug-Antromedea who became human only once. No one really knows whether this be true of fable, but one thing was agreed upon. There was a kinship between Antocretes and the fair Princess destined to inherit the throne and become Queen of all the land and tree. Winged creatures borne amongst the wind would also beckon to her call. As did the willow who always worried about her and wept frequently if she missed a day in the forest.

Harmony spoke very little, as her smile and golden hair with flowers of white and lavender sat upon her head as a crown of her nobility, strength and gentleness with all the most fragile of creatures that came towards her with no fear in their hearts.

Maybe she is a daughter of LadyBug-Antromedea, but tales never tell the whole story. Even if it were true, it is doubtful Harmony knew. The only one with the wisdom to see this was Antocretes, the wise.

Antocretes The Weize