A Special Toast For Your Honey – Heart’s Gadget


On Valentine’s Day, hopefully a time marked by a long passionate evening followed by a deep sleep with a smile, each pulling the blanket for more as the mourning dew approaches. The  time calls for breakfast in bed with a single red rose, sharp thorns along the stem in a thin geometrically shaped vase filled with water on a table next to the bed with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and a carefully scripted message of love burned on to a piece of toast as the smell of fresh ground beans fills the bedroom air, and a smile asking,“would you like some more?”

toast2All this is made possible by an original concept brought to the world via Yanko Design by Sasha Tseng. It’s the Instant Messaging Toaster. “It features a message board on top with a stylus to write whatever you want. Pop in your bread and when it’s done the message will appear on the lightly browned toast.”

It can be used to inscribe a sarcastic remark if the night is too familiar also or as   an unexpected way to convey subtle messages to your children before they turn on the TV, like “CYR”

No measurements, specifications or price is indicated, suggesting it’s still in the experimental stage. I wonder if it works with bagels.

My Percepto score is : 3