Uncovering Fragments of The Lost Language Of Krypton

In Krypton’s Karma, it was revealed that a series of green extra-terrestrial stone tablets were excavated near the South Pole in 1947. Recently declassified documents indicate that President Harry S. Truman contacted King George VI of Great Britain to secure the services of a team of Philologists. They would work with anthropologist Dr. Margaret Mead who chaired the scientists picked by government specialists. The diverse group of scholars were to study and speculate about markings engraved on the slabs, believed to be from the mythological planet “Krypton”, the name used as a cover to hide the existence of a real planet that had been discovered.

JRR Tolken was one of the foremost British scholars, a philologist of ancient languages and well known as an authority of Chaucer, Beowulf, and the mythology of numerous countries such as Scandinavia, Romania, Turkey, Russia, China and Native American Culture. He had, according to top secret documents, initially refused the request by President Truman as he was involved in a current project that “precluded my ability to work on the task requested by the President of the United States.” It was believed that he was writing The Lord Of The Rings, the first book published in 1953.

American Historians advised President Truman that Tolkien, born in South Africa, was the only one “with a diversity of expertise to head the team of linguists to study and speculate on the discovery.” According to them, “Tolkien was heavily influenced by ancient Germanic literature, indigenouspre -Christian religion (Germanic paganism), linguistics, legend and culture. He spent much of his scholarly time studying and lecturing on these subjects, as well as producing a number of introductions and essays. These sources of inspiration included Anglo-Saxon literature such as Beowulf, and the Norse sagas.” No doubt, he was highly qualified.

On Janurary 10th, 1948, King George invited Tolkien to a private audience at Windsor Castle. Two days later he was part of a secret envoy that was flown to Roswell, New Mexico, to study the markings on the stones, believed to contain fragments of the lost language of “Krypton”.

Documents reveal that initial work was slow. There was reported friction between Tolkien, a devout Catholic, and Margaret Mead, author of the much publicized 1935 book, Sex And Temperament In Three Primitive Societies – highly controversial in Christian circles of the time. Work proceeded more rapidly as the months past until June 15, 1948, when an initial report was presented to both President Truman and King George VI. Most of its contents remained classified.

Among some of the documents recently made available under the Transparency Government Act, is a series of papers entitled “Pagan Rituals of Krypton”, a detailed analysis he wrote of “Krypton” Customs, based on his study of the stone tablets, written six months after arriving in Roswell. There are also significant parallels between the destruction of “Krypton”, and his later work on Numenor suggested in his epic mythology of Middle-Earth.