The WheelSurf – A Wiley Coyote of an Idea

This object looks like something ordered by Wiley Coyote from A.C.M.E. to capture the Road Runner, as he passes in a cloud of speed on the desert. Perhaps by Sylvester the cat in his attempt to outwit Tweety bird as he blinks his eyes saying, “I tawt I taw a puddy cat.”If Sylvester had a third eye, like Peanut the three eyed cat, it would give him additional vision to prey on the yellow bird that has eluded his grasp for decades. Possibly wisdom, from understanding the meaning of the circle, related to the bi-focal center of the eclipse, also “the egg,” symbolic of conception.

We know it’s round , yellow, and rolls. A geometric circumference of 360 degrees for students of Geometry, or children in the troves of scribbling. It’s constructed with the large “ice skate” looking thing on the outer circumference, presumably key to balance and control needed for navigation.

According to Cnet’s Stefanie Olsen , same last name as Jimmy Olsen, or Nelly Olsen of Little House on the Prairie fame who tormented Laura Ingles before she married Almonzo Wilder, brother of Shannon Doherty, Aaron Spellings’ Brenda on 90210 and Prusilla Halliwell of Charmed.

According to Ms. Olsen’s report, “Netherlands-based Wheelsurf, created it as a single-wheel scooter that takes some skill to drive but doesn’t require a driver’s license. It’s not designed to be on public roads with other cars, according to the company. But it can ride on pavement, grass or other dense surfaces, out of the way of other vehicles.” My question is, what about pedestrians walking on the street, or the blind person walking with a cane, the mother with her child in the carriage, or a wheel chair bound person unable to walk? It looks like a Yo-Yo, rolls like a Yo-Yo, probably created by someone in a private laboratory along side, “the drip free waterless faucet”, or the refrigerator/oven, TV, microwave blender entertainment center.

Ms. Olsen adds “it has a gas-powered Honda GX31 engine much like a Jet Ski, with 1.5 horsepower and 7000 rpm. The vehicle takes regular gas and can run about two hours on a full tank. The company recommends keeping speed below approximately 19mp and recommends wearing a helmet. Spills are not unusual when learning to drive this rig.” That means you can’t drink coffee while driving. To be sure, Ms. Olsen adds that “many other single-wheeled vehicles have been invented, but Wheelsurf says its vehicle is the first commercially available. Sold at the company’s Web site, the product is priced at about $6,900 ” and probably shipped via the A.C.M.E. division of UPS.

My Percepto rating scale for today:
5 – Laura Ingles saying to Charles Ingles, “Pa, you’ve been eating too many beans tonight.”
4 – Shannon Daughterly (as Brenda), “Dylan, you must have some kind of demonic possession”, as Phoebe, Page and Piper scream “The Power of Four Shall Set You Free.”
3 – Gloria Talbot to Tom Tryon in I Married a Monster From Outer Space, “Is this your idea of a rocket ship to take our first born to anther planet?”
2 – “I tawt I taw a Puddy Cat”
1 – “Beep Beep”
0 – A golf cart for Michael Jackson on his “Neverland” ranch.

My final rating is 0.