The Squirrel And The Rabbit


One day, while foraging for nuts, a squirrel noticed a rabbit hopping by.
– Excuse me, Mr. Rabbit, did you notice any nuts?
– I’m a Hare, not a rabbit. Can’t you tell the difference? he declared.
– Not really, you all look the same to me, said the squirrel.
– Are you Nuts? That bugs the hair outta me, he winced.
– Well excuse me, Mr. Hare, I was just trying to be polite, besides, you wear your hair well, responded the squirrel.
– Most squirrels keep their nose to the ground, looking for nuts, said the hare.
– Well, you know we can also climb trees too, cried the squirrel.
– Isn’t that what squirrels are supposed to do? replied the hare.
– Well, to be perfectly honest Mr. Hare, I did find you a curious sight, the squirrel said calmly and added, you don’t often see a rabbit carrying a pocket watch, without a pocket to put it in, now do you?
– Well, I’ve got a very important date, that’s why I’m always hopping around, and looking for the time, said the hare.
– Oh, I thought it was because here, hares are all so expectant , said the squirrel.
– Why don’t you ask the fox over there? said the hare as he quickly hopped away.