The Nature Of Dot

In previous essays on Dot (see bottom for links), its nature was never clearly defined. Realistically, dot has no precise boundaries as it conforms to the laws of individual and collective imagination which clarify or obscure where it’s limits begin or end.

Dot is known in the literary world as the “period” ending a sentence or part of some letter; in the scientific world as the “decimal point”, while in other circles, it can be known as something completely different. Semantics and language play a part in exemplifying Dot associated with specific, or indistinct attributes, depending on cultural factors.

From a physical perspective, Dot can be a circle or its center in two dimensions, a sphere in a 3D world. Distance from Dot can obscure its nature because the boundaries of our vision restrict us from defining it’s distinctions.

Far away, any object will appear as Dot; a square, a triangle, even a city, as one approaches from outer space. Moving towards Dot will clarify its facets and character, but only those attributes that our vision, or perhaps insight, will allow. Likewise, being too close to Dot infringes on the capability of seeing the complex nature, or simplicity, of its structure. The observation of the Corporeality of any object in space is always a function of the position we view it from. Another way of defining PERSPECTIVE.

Since it is not possible to occupy all space at the same time, at least not while we exist physically, the dimension of Dot has its limits despite having potential components of everything. Dot can only be appreciated in part, unless the parameters of human eyesight and perceptual comprehension evolve to a level that can contain a circumspect vision, unlimited by distance, physicality, perspective or imagination.

Language, like mathematics, based on symbols (letters and numbers), is also a function of Dot and used to describe several basic principles. It identifies actions, existence (”Be-ness” of self and things), which it names; a place in time (past, present, future) and a location in space of self and external objects. Putting letters words and numbers together create ideas and concepts allowing us all to communicate and build upon infinitely, all based on perceptions of Dot, a symbol, of anything one wants it to be.

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