Paranormal Incandescence – for out of body exploration

Although the Plasma Light Globe has been around for a long time, found in museum shops across the city of New York, The Sharper Image, Hammacher-Schlemmer, and of course The laboratory of Dr. Frankenstein, where those immortal words, “He’s Alive” were first uttered by Colin Clive in the 1931 landmark film, Frankenstein, starring Boris Karloff in his brilliant and sensitive portrayal of the monster, based on the novel by Mary Shelly, and directed by James Whale (Ian McKellen of “Gods And Monsters” – 1998).

The thunderstorm and pouring rain outside the “Castle Frankenstein Laboratory”, a scientist mad for the power of creation, lying before him, surrounded by the plasma globes absorbing the lightning, flickering sparks within the main vestibule hiding “the creature”. The contorted features of a macabre scientist in the throes of divine illumination, recording his progress and achievement in his treasured classic, “On Life And Death – The Notes Of Victor Frankenstein. ”

Pocket Plasma Light DiskInteresting concept, but not new. Now we have an adaptation on the original idea, individualized for expressing your needs. It’s the Pocket Plasma Light Disk. “With a Pocket Plasma Light Disk clipped to your pocket, belt, purse, hat or anywhere you need to add a little’‘energy’. Uses super bright LED technology and microchip circuitry to create an amazing light show in response to touch or sound that makes the light ‘dance’. Requires 2 AAA batteries, not included. Approx. 2 3/4″ diameter x 1 1/4″ thick. (#9727) A Computer Gear exclusive.”

Perfect for a Star Trek Convention where you can communicate simply with outstretched palm, fingers spread, classic Vulcan salute, conveying a plasma discharge of your very own. No need to say: “Live Long And Prosper.” Eye contact is unnecessary. With the Pocket Plasma Light Disk worn on a completely different area, other messages can be sent via “a plasma pheromone.” If other people wear one, perhaps you could get a more “Betazoid” sense of what’s on hand, that even “aristocratic” Counselor Deeana Troi would envy. “Sets of two available, comes in red, blue, yellow, with clip on plastic covers tinted to ‘change the nature’ of the colour”, much like the mood rings of the past (available at New York’s Museum Of Natural History Gift Shop).

Men can wear one on or around the belt, allowing the freedom to display their polarity freely that would even cause “Thing T. Thing” to silently take notice, perhaps point a finger. Women can place it anywhere on the blouse, dress, the chest area. Lightweight for comfort and fluidity, it’s a perfect gift, specially during the winter nights (in the northern hemisphere). “Rubber Suction attachments allow it to adhere to skin; sold separately in packs of ten; available via Internet or from local convenience stores.” It would go well with the Thunderbolt Pro – Lightning Storm Predictor or the Skyscout Planetarium added to your collection .

The Pocket Plasma Light Disk, a must for those who need to display their plasma discharge. My rating on the Percepto Scale of 1 to 5 is: 5 Shazzzam!
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Author’s note: For more on the life of the late character actor Boris Karloff, whose profound interpretation of Frankenstein’s Monster became the standard for the legend that defined his long distinguished career, see Wikipedia.