Connecting the Dot(s)

From Plane Geometry, we learn that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. This refers to two-dimensional space. Assuming that one could travel on Earth in a straight line, the shortest distance would be an Arc, due to Earth’s curvature, although calculating the degree over short distances would be difficult.

Another theorem teaches that if you increase the number of sides of any polygon infinitely, beginning with a triangle, it will approach a circle and what appears as a straight line between dots will decrease in size, eventually becoming part of the arc. That’s assuming it is being viewed from a centrally located bird’s eye view. Moving to the side, dots can be laid on different levels of a spiral, although appearing all on one level – from the previous perspective, the circle.

The spiral itself could be moving in two directions, outward, getting larger, while it’s distant parts increasingly assume the appearance of a dots. As it rotates around its center, dots moving in either direction, the basic nature of its curvature remains constant, and what appears as a spiral takes on the form of a cylinder, assuming we could view it externally and move along its edge infinitely.

If we are a dot on the spiral, its infinite points connected with each other, we become part of Dot. Now imagine that the spiral of which we are just one dot, is another dot on the curve of a much larger spiral that we cannot see because of its immense size… Everything then merges into Dot!

Doesn’t Dot makes sense?

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