A Souvenir From A Most Unusual Visit – Gadget # 7

Imagine yourself, an Internet user or a budding scientist, perhaps coasting on www. stumbleupon.com, encountering a website that offers to send a technical manual and parts to build a CAPACITOR, an inexpensive “electronic device that stores energy in the electric field between a pair of conductors, called plates.” No house should be without one when considering the risk of a power failure.

A series of packages are soon delivered, containing components and instructions for assembly. Putting them together evokes curiosity, an intellectual challenge, daunting even for those gifted at solving puzzles. However when completed it appears far more complex than a CAPACITOR. The manual’s appendix and box reveal additional parts and finally when the Phillips screw driver lay on the floor and your creation is ready, you go to the refrigerator and grab a chilled bottle of Coca Cola to guzzle down as you wipe the sweat from your brow.

Returning to the device, pressing the ON switch, not knowing until then that what you have assembled is an INTEROCITOR which functions as a telecommunications device, aircraft autopilot, security controller and energy weapon. How could this be?

This is the scenario that Dr. Cal Meacham faced in the 1955 film This Island Earth. Adapted from the novel by Raymond F. Jones, directed by Joseph M. Newman and starring Jeff Morrow, Rex Reason and Faith Domergue.

Creating the INTEROCITOR leads to a first contact transmission with Exeter, an alien looking for intelligent humans with scientific background. When Dr. Meacham and Dr. Ruth Adams attempt to flee, they are captured by a flying saucer, taken far across the galaxy to the planet Metaluna in its final stage of war and the desperate plan to invade Earth is revealed, using a thought transference chamber by subjugating free will. The Monitor,Exeter’s leader, orders the two doctors taken to the chamber by mutants for experimental purposes.

Exeter, an ethical Metalunan with a conscience, “believes this to be immoral and also wrong since it sets up unconscious barriers in the minds of the subjects and thus constrains their ability to help the Metalunans .” He assists in their escape but not before he bestows a memento of their visit – The Alien Abduction Lamp. Now, a reproduction of that lamp is being offered on http://www.abductionlamp.com based on the one given to Dr. Meecham and Dr. Adams by Exeter and can be found on said website, along with comments and reviews.The Alien Abduction Lamp It may not be an INTEROCITOR but what would the average person need an aircraft autopilot for unless they had an airplane?

According to its developer, Lasse Klein, possibly the lone survivor of Metaluna, “the antenna has more functions than the obvious one of being an intergalactic communication device. Pressing the antenna turns the lamp on and off. Turning the antenna enables the pulsating beam feature. It also comes with a wide array of aliens and humans in different positions”, and of course cows.

No doubt this will go well next to the Skyscout Planetarium or The Thunderbolt Pro. Perhaps one could use the Pocket Plasma Light Disk to communicate with Metalunans who speak only French. A Wheelsurf could prove useful negotiating the planet’s terrain providing protection from the lethal radiation released by the bombardment of destroyed missiles of the enemy, the Zagon fleet.

My score on the DPECGR (doc Percepto’s Eclectic Commons Gadget Rating) is: 2

5 – Only for those who, like Uncle Fester, put light bulbs in their mouth
4 – For those who only like cows from Quebec. Absoluement!
3 – Perhaps “I Married A Monster From Outer Space“, after all
2 – For those who don’t know the difference between a Vulcan Mind Meld and Thought Transference
1 – For those already subjected to The Thought Transference Chamber
0 – The real reason cows are abducted is for hamburgers, obviously

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