When You’ve Got “IT”

When everyone looks at you, there are two possibilities. Either you are unbelievably attractive, sexy, an object d’attention or displaying an unsightly bugga, a fly unzipped, perhaps to be swatted?

Sexiness is the ability to stir sexual fantasies in other people, just by look. Those that are the cause of the “stir” are what many people would define as a sex object. Those that evoke blushing are “drop dead for”. The ones that cause traffic accidents become stellar and can only be seen using, The Stargazer, Skyscout Planetarium, as they glitter the sky, dazzling everyone who encounters their path.

The people who are incredibly sexy, who understand it early, recognize its power as a card to play in their deck and learn to use “IT”, negotiating life. One such way is in advertisement and sales, all sorts of “profit” making. Everyone (99.9%) who want them, the attraction will be mutual, so the potential is endless for those who are “Master Of The Flirt”.

Good looks is a different matter. Some of Those “beautiful” people, facially striking, almost arch-type statuesque, look in a mirror and see only cracks, flaws, blemish or bugga . They lack self-confidence and often waste the gifts they are born with. If your a woman, the proper application of makeup is crucial. If your a metro-sexual man, proper application of makeup is also crucial and the bathroom becomes the place they spend endless amounts of time.

In Fashion’s Most Enduring Statement, “What is inside of the person should be most important, however, the overall ‘package’ and how it is displayed, counts. When faced with making an ambivalent choice or being in a competitive situation, the final decision will probably be determined based on incidental preferences, yours or someone else’s. Fashion falls within this realm and can in many cases be the deciding factor of a person being chosen for a job, being the ‘object’ of attention at a bar or party, or perhaps getting less years in the slammer at a sentencing hearing. In any case, what someone wears will convey a message, and it is not only important to think about what kind of message one wants to relate, but how best to convey it for the most benefit. Hopefully, the message we want to impress, that whatever we do wear, is worn with class.”

Ugly people may not bring others to sexual fantasy by look, but there is always something sexy in everyone if they got a magnetic personality, captivating “something” no matter how far you have to “dig” to find it, even if you are one of those few extremes who belong on either side of the tail ends of the Bell Curve, who is attracted to “buggas”, or flies with very large flyswatters.