The Salamander Who Lost His Tail

SalamanderOn the edge of a pond, lived a salamander who had a habit of making himself invisible whenever he left his burrowed-out hole, mostly to avoid large snakes looking for food.

In the pond, on a large waterlily, sat a bullfrog eyeing the insects as they skimmed above the water, avoiding the fish as they jumped close to the surface, gazing up below the waterline. Evey now and then, the frog’s tongue sprang out, catching a number of them, on his long sticky tongue which always caught the attention of the salamander.

As the bullfrog ribbited, his gaze now fixed on the salamander, “You really aren’t invisible, you know. In fact, I see you have no tail. How did you lose it?”, he asked. “It’s invisible, not lost, but I always forget where I put it,” said the salamander.

“How can you possibly forget your tail? It’s part of you” said the Bullfrog. “No one will believe you’re invisible if you keep changing your tale”, he added. “My tale isn’t as important as keeping myself invisible to everything but you,” said the salamander, “especially that big snake slithering behind you.”

At that, the bullfrog disappeared, and the salamander continued to eye the insects as they flew close by, until one of them said, “Hello”, catching the salamander’s attention.