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Although most agree, there will always be a special place in “Sto-Vo-Kor” for James T. Kirk, dashingly portrayed by William Shatner in his pre TJ Hooker, Dennie Crane days. Some might add that Shatner’s flashy over-the-top acting and huge ego might be more appropriately settled if he were sent to Gre’thor, the Klingon Hades that was the destination of B’Elanna Torres in Star Trek Voyager’s, “The Barge Of The Dead.”

Setting a mold and a standard to be surpassed by the other Captains of the Star Trek Saga, the character most admired in the original series, Science Officer Spock (emotionlessly played by Leonard Nimoy), the one whose “logical” advice Captain Kirk most relied on, to survive “The Wrath Of Khan” and almost got him killed in the overture of peace with the Klingon Empire in “The Undiscovered Country“.

Dr. McCoy (DeForrest Kelly), on the other hand was the character most often quoted, “He’s dead Jim”, specially for those unfamiliar crew members who, on their first away mission, were always the one’s that predictably died based on the color of their shirt.

Scotty, the chief engineer, played by James Doohan, always in a shrill hysterical frenzy, “AYE Captain Kerr-kk, but I’m an engineer, not a magician. The control circuits are threatening to overload! Warp drive is off line… The engineering section is being flooded with some sort of lethal radiation and the dilithium crystals are operating at 10 percent. But I’ll have it all fixed in ten minutes, along with the transporter which just malfunctioned, beaming up a two-headed Uhura.”

Of course, there were the many loves of James Kirk. The one who is most remembered is Edith Keeler, in the “City on The Edge Of Forever” (aka NYC). If she were allowed to live, Edith would marry then divorce Kirk, eventually hooking up with one of Guinan’s descendents who “hatched” Michael Jackson, the son in law of Elvis Presely, the guest star in the long lost third season episode, “Rock around the clock with Mr. Spock“.

After she separates from Guinan’s relation, Edith changes her name to Alexis, meets and marries Blake Carrington and becomes the matriarch, Alexis Kirk Jackson Carrington Colby Colby Dexter Colby, the chief Bee-atch of the Carrington clan in “Dynasty“, with a sexually challenged son Stephen, a nymphomaniac daughter Phallon and two long lost children that eventually emerge from another alternate reality created by desperate writers to “face lift” sagging ratings in subsequent seasons.

After the divorce from Keeler, Kirk would go on to marry Miramanee, when he gets trapped in a strange obelisk, loses his memory and becomes Kirok, the ordained medicine man by the natives in episode O58 “The Paradise Syndrome.” She dies, pregnant with Kirk’s child, allowing him to move on and become T. J. Hooker, then Dennie Crain, Boston Legal’s overly flatulent, viagra-hormonal-geriatric law partner.

All this, made possible when Dr. McCoy accidentally injects himself with Cordrazine, beams down to the planet with the donut shape entity, jumps through the hole into the past, saves Edith from being run over by a truck on a New York street, thus changing the time line, allowing her to becoming a fashion icon with shoulder pads in numerous cat fights with the ever angelic Krystle Carrington, the aunt of Sammy Jo who married Stephen, the sexually challenged son of Blake, and who ultimately went on to live in some obscure location in California known as Melrose Place, but not before a truly Six Degree’s of separation moment as she becomes TJ Hooker’s number 2, replacing the irrepressible Mr. Spock.

As Captain Picard says to Sarak in the episode of the same name “Sarak”, in TNG, “Peace and Long Life.” Sarak responds, “Live Long And Prosper”, adding, “even in an alternate reality.”

Classic Star Trek, according to Bones, The real McCoy, “isn’t dead yet, Jim, even if it only lasted three seasons.”

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