The Mirror Of Time

Reflecting on time usually implies more than the passage of recollected events. It requires an objective appraisal of the memories that brought life to its current place, a synthesis of accumulated judgments that often illustrate our individual and collective footnote.

Sensation of time, imperceptible from moment to moment, is more noticeable when significant events occur, such as the loss of a parent at an early age, creating measurable intervals to contrast all future happenings that extend into the subconscious and pre-conscious.

Passage of time changes with age, perhaps a perceptual alteration, or an evolution from one milestone to another, impressing its image and the way future ideas and experiences are in-sighted. A mirror of what was, what is and suggest ways its reflection could be if discernible patterns are understood and free will exerted. Hopes promise.

The Portrait of time yields be-ness of three dimensions extended through events in space, enduring its life cycle of causation within the cosmic context of infinite possibility. Each with its impact on everything that is seen and others that remain concealed to everything but the discerning eye as it gazes into the mirror of time.