The High Priestess And Peanut The Three Eyed Cat

I had been among the Bud-Hadnu tribe for just three months. Queen Phylodahda had been away to the east of her domain. I was alone in my hut, writing, when two guards of the High Priestess Lunalestra III arrived and removed me to the dungeon below the altar. At dawn, I was taken and tied to the altar facing the image of Ra. Lunalestra approached with a sharp dagger with a serrated edge dipped in poison. In an instant, the flames dimmed, then Peanut jumped onto the altar standing between us. His third eye glowed red. He yowled at the High Priestess, raising his paw, pointing his claws at her. She fainted and fell to the floor.

The Queen had just arrived when the High Priestess awoke from her fit. Angry and with a threatening gaze, Phylodahda looked at Lunalestra who said “Wait, I have had a vision.” What ill words would you speak about this evil?, said the Queen. “Speak of your fit, then be judged”, she added angrily. Lunalestra looked down at the floor as I was unbound and brought off the altar. “The cat spoke to me,” she said. “I have been sent by the god Ra to protect this soul, for she is dear to Him. You know not what you do, stupid woman. Your fear and anger of the unknown have clouded your judgment. She has a respect for land and culture that is rare among her kind. She has seen The Old Lady Of The Tree, heard the voice of The Hummingbird and the Wolf . You will not harm her, for if you do, the consequences of the Mother will be upon you. Face your mistrust, unveil the Maya. Return to the Light Lunalestra.”

The High Priestess turned to me, “Forgive me Mistress, I did not understand. I was jealous.” The Queen, still angry, was about to pass judgment when I asked to speak. The Queen nodded. “I ask mercy for her. If life is a house of learning, the High Priestess has learned a great lesson today. Look at the cat’s eye. It is blue again. Even he has forgiven her.”

The Contessa ends the entry with: “From this day on, Lunalestra and I have been friends.”