The First Snowflake

snowflake.jpgOnce upon a time, a single snowflake fell from the sky, between the trees, deep within a forest, landing on a large stone near a frozen pond. Although it was dark, as the stars glimmered in the sky, hidden beyond the roof of the dense forest, the snowflake shone a bright white blue from within the crystals of its flawless form.

Some of the animals came to see what was so bright, drawn by the light of its facets. A squirrel was heard to say, “my, what a pretty thing, but why doesn’t it melt and disappear?” A large white bear responded: “This is a special snowflake, it’s meant to herald many more, all unique and special.”

A fox, overhearing the conversation, added: “It is one of a kind, coming from the sky, avoiding getting stuck on a tree as it fell. It was meant to be here.” A deer moving close said: “But what could its purpose be, other than being bright?” “Perhaps the sky is falling”, said a chicken, as it cautiously looked up.

A dove, perched on a branch, said: “It’s meant as a sign of peace.” “You’re not supposed to be here”, responded the bear, as the fox, the deer and the squirrel nodded. “Birds fly south for the winter”, he added. “Except for chickens”, said the fox.

“Who said that was written in stone?” responded the dove. “I have never seen a bear, a squirrel, fox, chicken or deer standing side by side without trying to kill one another.”

snowflake_300h.jpg“That’s true”, they all said. “Perhaps its light has made us forget that”, said the bear. A hare, hopping by looking at his pocket watch, said: “It’s late and I have a very important date, but if you ask me, it’s a star from the sky. This is Christmas eve, when everything is possible, and anything can happen.”