Picking The Right Title

Writing is often more than an expression of thought. If it is going to be posted on the Internet, for public scrutiny, or anywhere else, one rule must always be considered. Pick a good title.

Titles are like fashion. What is contained within the work is important, however the overall “package” represented by the title counts. When faced with making a choice in reading one post or another, the decision will be made based on a quick view of titles.

In fashion, an analogy, “What is inside of the person should be most important, however, the overall ‘package’ and how it is displayed, counts. When faced with making an ambivalent choice or being in a competitive situation, the final decision will probably be determined based on incidental preferences, yours or someone else’s. Fashion falls within this realm, and can in many cases be the deciding factor of a person being chosen for a job, being the ‘object’ of attention at a bar or party, or perhaps getting less years in the slammer at a sentencing hearing. In any case, what someone wears will convey a message, and it is not only important to think about what kind of message one wants to relate, but how best to convey it.” (1)

There is a lot of information out there and a limited time to draw the attention of the reader. The title is most important in determining whether something is read or not, but if the number of hits were the object of writing, there would be no diversity. Some wise sage said, “write for yourself.” Another added “Pick the right title.”
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2- On Fashion and Fashion Icons