Ode To Peanut – The Three Eyed Cat

Three is better than two, they all doth say
Even the potato has more to keep those at bay
The dreaded cyclops has one , you see
Whilst Peanut had three, one blue, two green.
The feline sire, females all sought
All eye-ing the cat, that came from nought.
A sage, a lover, a cat friend of all
Acting with zest, with zeal before the fall
As his balls of yarned catnip, filled the air
Amongst the Bud-Hadnu queen so fair
As she bared her soul in a fit and a flair
A clarity of vision, perhaps the eye of division.
Each eye blinked, one right after the other.
He only had three eyes for the one he could see
As they all eyed The Old Lady Of The Tree.

Peanut and Walnut

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