Exploring Philosophical Photography

When I considered Art in the past, photography was never part of the repertoire of forms which were as creative as painting or sculpting. Just aim and press a button. What’s creative about that? I have since had remorse, realizing that I was doing to photography what a friend of mine, a painter, implied when he said, “Painting is a purer art form than sculpture.”

Lethal NYCI had decided to explore photography. I wasn’t concerned about the quality of the photograph as much as understanding what it was that I was setting out to do, with a pocket sized Casio 900 series camera. What I discovered was intriguing.

My awareness of what was going on around me became noticeably focused on looking for interesting things to picture. I was excited when walking down 59th street between Park and Madison Avenues, on the South side of the street, I passed a Hallmark Store. When I gazed into the window, there was a 2-inch water bug, belly up in an “I love NY” ashtray. Anyone who lives in NYC has seen them. They are the ones that crunch when you step on them.

Lethal NYCThe interesting thing about this image was that “the Bug” was laying on one of the lines that comprise the N in the word “NY”, with antenna curved like a heart shape, adjacent to the red heart in the tray. As I carefully aimed the camera and took various shots, I thought: “Would anyone find this interesting?” Perhaps as another way of imaging the “I love NY” Slogan. A true unanticipated “Kodak” moment caught in speechless imagery.

I went into the store, casually showed the picture to the manager and asked, “Is that a ‘real’ departed bug, or is it a prop to play on someone’s sense of humor?” The owner was not as excited as I was and I will let you, the reader, decide if it is true, not or just a crock?

Now that I scratched the surface, what lay next as I continue to explore Philosophical Photography?