Computer Security Done Right

Anyone with a computer has faced the prospect of a virus or a worm intended to invade the inner sanctum of the hard drive, wreaking havoc amongst all those programs and collected data. A malevolent, perhaps mischievous individual or group wanting to make some point. Now it is possible to protect yourself, and the very files that define everything about you as clearly as your DNA.

Gargoyle SittingFor those who believe in the potential “power” it can generate, this is something that no Internet Intellectual can do without. It’s small, easy to travel, won’t trigger airport security systems, never needs driver updates, never crashes, doesn’t require a long booting time and guaranteed to make any virus or worm think twice about invading your GUI. The hand-painted poly-resin Computer Gargoyle figurines will ward off evil glitches as you go about your daily work. They are sold as a set of four, approximately 3 1/4″ tall each. Beautifully crafted to remind one of New York’s famous GargoylesGoliath, Demona, Brooklyn, Bronx, Lexington, Broadway, Hudson, Magus, Hakon, and of course the unforgettable Underground Sewer. The cartoon series, still running, many episodes voiced by the crew of the Star Trek – TNG, as the Enterprise 1701-D warped into Twenty Fourth Century history.

If greater power is needed, there is the engaging “Hear No Evil, Say No Evil And See No Evil Skeleton Computer Toppers” sitting on almost any thick or thin monitor or bookshelf with the included double-sided adhesive tape that keeps ‘em from running away. These treasures perhaps inspired by the brilliant special effects created by Ray Harryhausen in Jason And The Argonauts (1963), a masterpiece of which helped earn him a special Academy Award presented by Tom Hanks who claimed: “It’s one of my all time favorite films.” The classic, visually stunning duel of Jason with the skeletons, as Medea’s father, King Agamemnon, throws the hydra’s teeth onto the ground yelling “Kill… Kill… Kill them all.” One by one, with swords and shield, they arise from the ground, heeding the words of their King, moving, attacking Jason and his crew.

Perhaps the Gargoyles and the Skeletons would be enough to get Thing, of The Adams Family, to finally leave his box after sitting Shiva for Thinga, his lost love, who went to Paris, France, to sell Big Mac’s by “hand”, and whose finger was never heard from again, except of course as a brass doorknob, perhaps a victim of foul play.

These treasures, the ultimate prophylactic to protect your computer from catching any virus, are also highly resistant to tearing or breakage.

My Percepto rating for this gadget is – 3 fingers (as a memorial to Thinga, so aptly portrayed by Thing T. Thing in The Addams Family) out of 5.

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Computer Gargoyle