Alternate Realities


“For any event, there is an infinite number of possible outcomes. Our choices determine which outcome will follow, but in quantum physics, there is a theory where all possibilities that can happen, do happen in an alternate reality.”
Lieutenant Commander Data in Parallels – TNG 263


Are these words credible? Or do they represent the machinations of a science-fiction writer used to illustrate an interesting story line for an episode of Science Fiction, specifically Star Trek – The Next Generation.

lasergame.jpgThe approach to writing fiction does involve creation of imaginative ideas, a compelling occurrence that can only happen if facts are altered to allow the events to crystallize and support a coherent tale. Creation of an alternate Universe, a thing of science fiction, perhaps to be proven fact at some later date.

Until quite recently, biology held that once a cell differentiated, then matured and specialized, it could never return to its “stem cell” nature. Now it is been done routinely and the golden rule of cell division must be rewritten, all because a scientist reversed a skin cell into an embryonic stem cell. Aside from all the medical implications, could this be a drop from the “mythical” fountain of youth? Is it possible that reversing a matured cell could lead to reversing aging itself?

Perhaps our choices determine which outcome will follow, where all possibilities that can happen, do happen, while transforming an alternate reality into our new reality.