Prima Donna Looks – Poem/Lyrics

Prima Donna
Always looking for a place to go
Acting sophisticated, and on the go
Never willing to travel far below
Their aristocratic-ly shaped, Ho Ho Ho.

Constantly focused on their looks
Never reading any text or books,
Except for those that exclusively say
How to have a better face and body for display.
So keep your distance, and stay away
For “They are the Diva’s, keeping everyone at bay”
By avoiding “yo’ all” far from the fray
And all “They” say is, Hey Hey Hey.

Never without a lasting glance
Balancing romance with happenstance
Claiming they can’t, no never, perchance?
Acting like they belong in Paris, France.

Nothing more than a roving eye
Amongst the heated cattle,
As the Prima Moo-ves by
Waving, with a faint smile, whispering, Buh-bye.

Why you ever thought they could love you so?
Should be more than enough to make anyone blow
Their high brow snobby intense flow
More like Uncle Fester’s light-bulbed mouth, aglow.

Regardless of their phony eye
Let’s get them ready for a short good bye.
Those OH! Ho! no touch Prima Donna looks,
Treating everyone else like ordinary schnooks.