One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) – A Most Illuminating Project

olpc-nigeria.jpgThe Concept:
“Imagine the potential that could be unlocked by giving every child in the world the tools they need to learn, no matter who they are, no matter where they live, no matter how little they may have.” –

Although all sectors of society agree that education, in its broadest sense, answers most problems by increasing the potential resolutions, there is disagreement how to achieve opportunity. This program addresses accessibility.

“Our mission is to provide a means for learning, self-expression and exploration to the nearly two billion children of the developing world with little or no access to education.”

A donation of $200 will pay and deliver a X0 laptop to a child in a developing country.

“Starting November 12, One Laptop Per Child will be offering a ‘Give 1 Get 1 Program’ for a brief window of time in North America. For $399, you will be purchasing twoXO laptops-one that will be sent to empower a child to learn in a developing nation, and one that will be sent to your child at home.”

olpc2.jpgThe Product:
Since I am not a technical expert with computer technology, a more appropriate source for that would be, the expert on all things technological. A review by is very enthusiastic: “I find the laptop amazing as it is able to do what a normal laptop can do. It can play games, surf the net, chat online and has a camera as well. The OS behind this is a linux system and we all know that open source stuff is free, therefore, installation of programs will not pose a problem to the kids. Another interesting feature about this laptop is the power. If there is a blackout or if the individual family cannot afford electricity, the XO laptop has a crank device that one is able to turn and rotate to generate the source of power to the laptop.”

OLPCThe product is durable, mobile and usable where electricity is non-existent. A camping trip, the jungle, the desert, a way to stay in communication when your cell phone battery runs out with no outlet to recharge it, and a way children can link to the rest of the world in a process of self-learning where schools are non-existent, especially when the value of education depends solely on motivation. Although the OLPC is not the perfect computer or the most sophisticated, it provides a way of tangible learning for those who would have none if not for this excellent use of computer technology. Although it looks like a toy, it isn’t. It can also be useful not only for children, but adults who can’t afford the price of a computer. Enabling more people to be linked to the Internet is also good for the private sector. Hopefully they will be in the forefront of this movement by participating in this program.

Any person who believes that education provides solutions to many problems that have no easy answers should find this program compelling and worthy of as much attention possible to ensure it succeeds. Every child should have the opportunity to learn. Education is the only way to resolve the many complex problems the world faces, most notably, ignorance, as we progress further into the twenty-first century.

This is a program that can make a difference. For more information on this product see links below: