Love Potions For The Ages

“Herbs, roots, flowers and various berries found in nature are able to be used wholly when effective combinations appropriate for restoration of individual deficiency be understood. Naught ingredients, but proportion, determine potency of said potion. This be true for healing illness.”
Contessa Llwaxanna Loveless Von Bralispth

In her book, Love Potion For All Ages, she writes: “After adding minute amounts of various natural forest berries, roots, edible mushrooms normally eaten by wildlife, with other natural ingredient, he would disappear. The howl of females deafening, scratching on the walls. Igor constructed a door where he slept by the main entrance, which allowed him to leave and return unfettered. In several months time, I perchanced notice an increase in three-eyed cats of many sorts as we left the isle off the coast of Chin. Everywhere we transversed, cats with three eyes appeared. It have became apparent, Peanut sired many since each possessed a perfectly formed eye central to the forehead.”

324px-egypte_louvre_058When she found him in Northern Formosa, the Contessa describes Peanut as having eyes “perfectly formed, the third in the center of the forehead above, of pale blue.” Most genetic mutations of three-eyed cats found in nature, and pictured in current Google web searches, display a more vestigial eye, usually smaller than the other two, with no significant visual function. According to her research, “he behaved as if in sleep, his forehead eye functioning. He would be observed walking with both closed and the third open, giving him full leave of his surroundings.”

Father Brian McBryan, who I learned knew hieroglyphics, spoke of the BAST, an ancient goddess worshiped at least since the second dynasty of Egypt. In Egyptian myths, she protected the pharaoh, and the god RA, the solar Deity, eventually known as the Eye Of Ra. The Greeks called her “BUBASTIS”, a goddess of the moon. In mysticism, cats have always been associated with the psychic, the unrevealed expressed by the symbolism of the moon. Some of the Bud-Hadnu cave drawings she identifies in her book “be known of Egyptian drawings of cats with one difference. All show BAST beheld with three eyes.”

Although she drew no conclusion other than note the similarities of the drawings, though crude representations of one dimensional images that perhaps suggests the Bud-Hadnu might have had origins with Egypt before migrating through the continent and settled in Northern Siberia.