Flash! Marvel Superheroes Honored By USPO

Marvel at Marvel “Karmic’s” just due by the US Post Office with a special commemorative series of the fabled Superheroes. (read more below)


Congratulations, but hey, where is Dr. Strange, Sorcerer Supreme Of The Planet Earth, his ascended Master, the Ancient One, the Dreaded Dormammu, the inter-dimensional demon we all love? Where is Galactus , the planetary scavenger who almost destroyed Earth, or The Watcher (no, not Buffy’s watcher), but one of the Supreme Beings sworn to observe without interfering in cosmic events? What happened to Thor, his famous Hammer, Odin or Asgard? Perhaps they are invisible…

Don’t attempt mailing a letter with one of those “stamps”, unless you are Sue Richards, the invisible girl, have an invisible envelope and plan on using an invisible or inter-dimensional mailbox.

Is it inter-dimensional? or Multi-Dimensional? Will someone from “Strange” Tales or www.neilalien.com help me out, here? Where are “The Guardians Of The Universe” when you need them?

As Dr. Strange, would say: “Do you know where your ‘Eye Of Agamatto’ is?”