Donda West And Cosmetic Surgery

Kanye and Donda WestThe untimely death of Kanye West’s mother Donda, due to a reported cosmetic procedure, causes one to pause and wonder. Surgery, at best, is a trauma to the body with risks which can range from potential infection, bleeding, cardio-pulmonary complications or an unanticipated reaction to anesthesia.

No surgery should be considered minor or risk free. A full medical examination by the patients’ primary care physician prior to any planned procedure should be insisted upon by a competent, licensed plastic surgeon or dermatologist while considering the surgery, to rule out an undiagnosed medical condition that may affect a successful outcome.

A full consideration of the risks should be weighed including a review of all current medications for potential cross reaction during the operation. Drugs such as Plavix effect platelets and cause prolonged bleeding, as does Aspirin. These drugs, with doctors consent, should be discontinued for a minimum of a week to ten days before any surgical procedure is performed where hemorrhage is a factor. All indicated laboratory tests should be completed and examined before the patient arrives for the surgery.

Most important is communication between the patient, primary care physician and surgeon, to insure any preparations necessary to deal with a potential life threatening situation be considered.

Other considerations unique to the patients medical status may also be necessary depending on the kind of procedure being contemplated, however reasonable measures can prevent serious complications which may lead to the patients death. However, no invasive procedure is totally risk free.

Although the full circumstances leading to the death of Ms. West are not known at this time, all of us at Eclectic Commons extend our sympathies to the West family.

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