An Interesting Symbol – Eclectic and Common

As I stumble upon different pages, I look for symbols that remind me of things I have encountered in the past or capture an essence of something that strikes free floating images. I came across this object in a quaint new online store, Nicoya Gift (, that features interesting forms that go well with the idea/vision of Eclectic Commons.

This object conveys a simple design that speaks of Lothlorien, enchanted forest of Middle Earth in JRR Tolkiens, The Lord Of The Rings. Reminiscent of something worn by the fair Lady Galadriel (the morning star), Lady of the Wood, her granddaughter Arwen (the evening star), Queen of Minas Tirith, or a simple elf maiden. An elegant design which features “a vine motif” in silver, representative of the earth, branches of a tree, and mystery of that which arises from the Acorn, the seed of life that grows and becomes the wood in the rectangular shape also reminiscent of Manhattan’s gem, Central Park.

silversterlingvinependant.jpgThe simplest design, the more interesting the image it conveys, uncomplicated by gaudy or unnecessary detail that often accompany many symbols by confusing the message. Silver, a more respectable history, less tarnished by the greed implicit of gold, the metal of royalty and aristocracy. A messenger of the link that binds the passage of knowledge from the veil of the unknown to the assimilated wisdom, the meaning of “the silver cord”, a sacred concept of the East.

Perfectly designed for a Queen, an art lover, or the simple woman meant to articulate a creative and philosophic nature in form rather than words.

Nicoya Gift has a taste for some of the same ideas that I identify as ideal objects emblematic of philosophic form with purity simplicity and grace. In the future, as I find additional items from that store or elsewhere that I like, I will be talking about them and posting them on this blog.

* for a clearer view of this pendant, click on the image above or visit the actual page by: clicking here.