The Worst Star Trek The Next Generation Episodes

Considering all the good commentary I have bestowed upon Star Trek – The Next Generation, there are a number of episodes that I considered “Klingons“. They were so bad that I’ve considered banishing them to the neutral zone or perhaps “the phantom zone” – that nebulous invisible existence that the criminals of Krypton were transported till the end of time. They were so bad, I wondered if the writing staff of the next generation were possessed by some lapse of “creative potential” or whether they were taken over by the pods in “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” and lost all of their emotional sensibilities. In any case, these have my vote for being the unfortunate result of some sort of transporter malfunction. Could this be the reason why Chief O’Brien was sent to Deep Space Nine? Or perhaps account for the dismal failure of the last series in the Star Trek saga, “Enterprise.” Is it possibly a result of the lethal radiation emanating from William Shatners‘ over-the-top acting on Boston Legal? Every generation has its mistakes, perhaps the only one who could explain these errors is the omnipresent Q.

jessielawrenceferguson.jpg#1 – Episode 104 – Code of Honor. In this episode, Tasha is kidnapped by a very large Nubian? from the planet Ligon 2, who admires her amazonian skills and wants her for his mate. She is ultimately forced to fight his wife for a rare vaccine to save the federation planet Stryus 4.

Perhaps, this is the real reason Tasha Yarr (Denise Crosby, the real life granddaughter of Bing) decided to die before season 1 ended. Not only was her death without meaning, but her ability to act was suppressed by the sum of the poor scripts and neglected use of her character in the first Season.

felisa_howard.jpg#2 – Episode 266 – Sub Rosa. I would have called it Sub Standard when Crusher’s grandmother (NaNa) dies and she discovers that generations of the women in her family have been cursed by an immortal lover, who is not interested in her.  Perhaps this is where the writing staff penned the line Picard wanted to say to  Spock in Unification, “If I didn’t know better, I would say, your bad scripts have been influenced by your confused emotions.”

Brent Spinner#3 – Episode 234 – A Fistful of Data’s (directed by Patrick Stewart). How could you Jean Luc? Did you leave your senses at the encounter at Farpoint? This was the very worst of the hollow deck malfunction episodes. However, seeing data dressed up as “Kitty” from Gunsmoke could have been the reason that he was decapitated in Times Arrow, and his head lay in a cave for 500 years in atonement for this truly horrible episode. And even though “A Fistful Of Datas” occurred after Times Arrow, a time loop can explain this just as it did in “Cause And Effect“, when the USS Bozeman appears out of nowhere with Frasier (Kelsey Grammar) at its helm.

These are the first of my list of “Klingons”. There are several more that I will list in upcoming essays. If you have your favorite “worst” episode or perhaps just to comment on the ones I have reviewed here, feel free to comment.

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